18 Jan 2013

Carex Pendula Plants

This is an easily expanded, large but very elegant flower appropriate for wet and sketchy areas where little else will develop. In addition to stunning sections of high grassy vegetation, it generates sagging, pet's tail-like, russet-coloured rises of blossoms up to 6in (15cm) long in summer season.

Family: Cyperaceae
Genus: Carex
Species: pendula
Plant type: Hardy perennial
Flower colour: Brown
Foliage colour: Mid-green
Feature: Flowers, Attractive to wildlife
Sun exposure: Partial shade, Shade
Soil: Clay/heavy, Moist, Boggy
Hardiness: Hardy
Skill level: Beginner
Height: 140cm
Spread: 150cm
Time to divide plants: March to April


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