9 Jan 2014

How to Grow Blueberries at Home

Blueberry bushes don’t extremely need plenty of attention. however to make sure that your plant remains productive over a few years you'll have to be compelled to prune them every spring around Feb or March, whereas the plant remains dormant.

Pruning blueberries is de facto clear-cut once you recognize what you're making an attempt to realize. the thought is to make sure that your plant perpetually incorporates a good choice of productive young red stems with many fat mature buds. These buds square measure a lot of rounder than the vegetative buds thus you'll simply tell that stems can turn out the foremost fruit. It’s the 2 year recent wood that's most efficient.

Cut back the simply terribly oldest stems to ground level annually to encourage new stems to be made - making a relentless method of rejuvenation. whereas you're pruning you must conjointly aim to trim out any dead or broken stems to assist produce a healthy open framework. Blueberries tend to channel some low horizontal stems near the bottom and these also can be cropped out too.

With regular pruning your highbush blueberry plants ought to stay productive for several years manufacturing delicious fruit each summer. And with its enticing flowers and superb season foliage your blueberry plant can create a surprising feature in your garden too.


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