29 Jul 2013

How to Grow Butternut Squash Plants from Seeds

Butternut squash is one in all the foremost widespread and wide on the market sorts of winter squash. variable in form from cylindrical to half-dumbell, its swish tan exterior hides deliciously sweet, dense and buttery orange flesh.
Originating from a vicinity around United Mexican States, the ability of the butternut squash has been incontestible by the wide selection of uses to that it's place to in numerous countries. Across the world it crops up in recipes for stews, gratins, food dishes, risottos, soups and curries. once baked and mashed, maybe with barely of nutmeg or cinnamon and a splash of cream, it makes a really savory autumnal dish - strive it along with your Sunday roast.

Growing butternut squash from seed may be a comparatively straightforward affair because the ensuing seedlings square measure ordinarily quite vigorous. you may after all prepare and save the seed from market bought specimens however if you reside in an exceedingly northern European climate you'll ought to grow varieties that may deal with our relatively shorter growing amount.

In recent years there are many trials to seek out out that varieties perform best with regards to vigour, flavour, and cropping. in truth the Royal farming Society have completed their own trials and have suggest the AGM (Award of Garden Merit) to the cultivars ‘Hunter’, 'Cobnut’, ‘Harrier’ and ‘Hawk’.

You should begin sowing in might mistreatment three in. pots crammed with the lowest in. more or less crammed with in an exceedingly sensible quality John Innes seed compost, however if you've got a bent to over-water then you'll want to feature a few of farming grit to the combo to enhance the evacuation. Take one seed and place it either on its aspect, or with the pointed finish down, then fill the pot to at intervals one in. of the highest with additional of the compost combine.

Water in and so place your pots onto a heat, sunny sill. The seedlings ought to emerge at intervals seven – ten days. currently these new plants can grow pretty quick from now then it’s vital that they don’t dry out – they're going to most likely would like watering each 2-3 days, however check that that they don’t become water-logged otherwise plant rots might seem. Even at this stage you'll contemplate feeding ½ the counseled indefinite quantity of associate degree acceptable liquid chemical.

After concerning four weeks on from sowing, your squash seedlings ought to be able to go outside, however they're going to ought to be hardened off for every week or 2 before being left in their permanent position. you've got 2 decisions at now. ciao because the threat these days frosts square measure over you'll either plant directly into the bottom or – if you're wanting area – plant into giant containers, however once it involves butternut squash, the larger, the better!


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