21 Oct 2012

How Does Mistletoe Grow

With the wide unfold disappearance of orchards within the kingdom it's been unremarkably accepted that the mistletoe was in decline but recent analysis has shown that this can be solely partly true. whereas populations of mistletoe are decreasing within the West Midlands and central England, there area unit currently additional specimens growing within the south of England. we have a tendency to are seeing it growing on a broader vary of host plants like poplars, false tree, and bush etc. it's additionally progressively found clinging onto lime trees and typically even rose bushes.

Mistletoe's area unit if truth be told a parasite, unable to grow while not feeding from a number plant. It manages this by manufacturing a specialised system that searches for then faucets into the host plants own system. this allows the mistletoe to draw water and nutrients directly from the host, though it's ready to produce a number of its own sugars exploitation restricted chemical change. The mistletoe additionally releases growth regulation hormones into the host inflicting localised swelling and serving to to extend the yield of nutrient and water.

More than simply a Christmas favorite, English mistletoe is additionally believed to own necessary medicative properties. presently undergoing analysis, there area unit already compounds known and isolated that area unit serving to scientists with their look for a cure for cancer.

In its own surroundings mistletoe reproduces naturally with the help of birds like the thrush or the blackcap. This works in 2 ways in which.

1. They eat the berries, however area unit unable to digest the seed. This seed is then excreted from the bird among its fecal matter and with a little of luck, these seeds can land on an appropriate host tree’s bark wherever they'll germinate.

2. once they area unit uptake the berries, a number of the seeds usually become ‘glued’ to the birds beak by the sticky, viscous flesh - called viscin - that surrounds them. The bird then tries to wipe off the seeds by rubbing its beak against the bark of a near  tree. This seed then sticks to the bark instead triggering the embryonic plant to begin growing.

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