20 Oct 2012

Top Tips For Tulips Care

1. Tulip bulbs can grow best in an exceedingly fertile, sandy soil settled in associate degree open and sunny location; but they must be protected against excessive damp and robust winds.

2. If you are growing tulips in containers do not forget to water them throughout early spring if the weather is unseasonably dry and heat. they'll quickly dry out particularly if robust winds square measure prone.

 3.When flowering, most varieties like being raised and hold on in an exceedingly dry place till the season. different varieties, significantly the Kaufmanniana hybrids and species tulips, will be left within the ground, and allowed to unfold naturally.

4. Begin to water your bulbs after you see the buds commencing to rise as this may encourage larger blooms and taller stems.

5. Historically, tulips were planted within the season before the primary frosts arrived. but they have an inclination to try and do much better being planted later, anyplace from Gregorian calendar month to as late as Gregorian calendar month. this may additionally facilitate to scale back the incidence of mycosis throughout the sooner wet weather. Once planted offer them a decent fertilization.

6. For long-run tulips plant displays, enable the recent foliage to dry off before cutting it back. this may enable most of the plants nutrients to be absorbed into the bulb correct in readiness for next years show.


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