16 Nov 2012

Abies balsamea 'Hudsonia Group' Plant

This eye-catching small conifer is perfect for growing where space is restricted. It types a curved shrub that gets to no more than about 60cm (2ft) high. Uncommonly for a conifer, it does not generate any cones. Its natural simply foliage is white beneath and are largely organized on the launches in a v-shape. Young vegetation is sometimes broken by snow so it is worth offering some security on freezing night time.
Family: Pinaceae

Genus: Abies
Species: balsamea
Cultivar: Hudsonia Group
Plant type: Evergreen shrub
Sun exposure: Full sun
Soil: Well-drained/light, Chalky/alkaline
Hardiness: Hardy
Skill level: Beginner
Height: 60cm
Spread: 90cm


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