18 Nov 2012

Canna 'Wyoming' Plants

The huge violet veined results in of 'Wyoming' make a bold statement in any garden. Then, in late summer, heated apricot lemon flowers, whose petals and leaves are slightly frilled, appear on long stalks above the stunning vegetation. In very mild regions vegetation may be grown completely in a heated protected border or protected during the cold months months season. In frost-prone areas, remove the results in and control when they are blackened by snow and lift the rhizomes for winter weather storage. Cannas are extraordinary vegetation that deserves that little additional care.

Family: Cannaceae
Genus: Canna
Cultivar: Wyoming
Plant type: Tender perennial
Flower colour: Orange
Foliage colour: Bronze
Feature: Flowers, Dramatic foliage
Sun exposure: Full sun
Soil: Well-drained/light, Acidic, Chalky/alkaline, Moist
Hardiness: Tender
Skill level: Experienced
Height: 180cm
Spread: 50cm
Time to divide plants: March to April


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