14 Nov 2012

How To Grow The Glory Lily (Gloriosa superba) From Seed

The Wonder Lily is an simple to develop unique climber, with lily-like blossoms in a number of vivid colors. Increasing to a size of about 6 ft, it is perfect for developing a amazing function flower going up the up an obelisk in bins or through trellis in boundaries. While is is simple enough - though expensive - to acquire segments of glory lily main in order to distribute from, it can be just as simple to develop the glory lily from seeds. Not only will this be a much less expensive option, the possibilities are that you will end up with a lot more flower content.

So, just how do you develop the glory lily from seed?

Sow Wonder Lily flower seeds from Feb to Apr. The flower seeds should be planted into bins or bins of wet seeds rich compost and then protected with a scattering of rich compost or vermiculite. Position in a propagator or heated place, kept at a heat range of around 20-30 Celsius. After planting, do not remove light as this helps germination, and keep the outer lining area of the rich compost wet but not water logged. the flower seeds should start to emerge between 30-40 days.

When the new plants are large enough to deal with, they can be replanted into 3 inches bins containing a high quality rich compost. Remember to provide some support for the going up the launches.

In the fall, the arises of your Wonder Lily will start to die returning to a tuber that has been developing over the growing interval. Progressively dry off the tuber and store in a awesome, dry and snow free place over winter period season interval. Re-pot in may into 13cm (5in) bins and develop on as before, re-potting further as necessary. Grow on in a green house or sunroom.

During 12 months the Wonder lily should be properly watered thoroughly, but again will need to be permitted to dry out almost completely before re-watering – never keep them water logged or status in water as this can motivate spoils. When growing starts in the springtime they should be given a fluid supply once a week to motivate new development. Later on in the period a half durability manure included to the water every two several weeks will keep vegetation flourishing highly throughout the summer time season and sometimes further into beginning fall.

To save your tubers from one year to the next it’s best to stop irrigating the vegetation from about the end of Oct. Allow the rich compost to completely dry off and any vegetation to die returning down. Now put the pot in a heated dry are over winter period season interval where heat range ranges will not go below 5°Celsius. As soon as the risk of freeze are over, the pot can be put returning into the green house or sunroom and properly watered. Once again, re-water once the rich compost has been permitted to dry out. You may wish to re-pot your Wonder Lily into a bigger one at this time. The new periods development should appear after about three several weeks when you can put your glory lily returning outside.


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