18 Nov 2012

Camellia Japonica 'Grand Slam' Plants

Camellias are traditional spring-flowering plants with vibrant wax-like blossoms and shiny vegetation. 'Grand Slam' has stunning, dark red, dual or semi-double blossoms and fantastic shiny results in. It should be in a protected position to prevent cold gusts of wind and late freeze which can ruin the blossoms. All camellias need acid ground but if your ground is limey, you can grow one wonderfully in a large tub loaded with ericaceous, or lime-free rich compost. For container-grown camellias prevent using tap water as it contains too much lime; use rain water from a water buttocks instead.

Family: Theaceae
Genus: Camellia
Species: japonica
Cultivar: Grand Slam
Plant type: Evergreen shrub
Flower colour: Red
Foliage colour: Dark green
Feature: Flowers
Sun exposure: Partial shade, Shade
Soil: Well-drained/light, Acidic
Hardiness: Hardy
Skill level: Experienced
Height: 400cm
Spread: 1000cm
Flowering period: March to May


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